Minecraft Launcher (Beta)
Launch Minecraft using recreations of the original Mojang launchers
Minecraft Launcher (Beta) v0.1
Size: 3 MB
Released: 12 July 2023
Microsoft Windows 7 or later
Microsoft .NET 3.5 framework or later
KB3154518 (x86 / x64) for Windows 7

Play on your favourite Windows 7 computer and enjoy all of the Minecraft nostalgia!

This project exists for nostalgia and also in order to preserve Minecraft Java Edition's legacy when Microsoft finally decide that Java Edition is 'no longer worth maintaining' because so few players play it, so support is dropped and Bedrock is the only way to play (meaning people have to give them money for an Xbox or Windows PC and give them all your money thanks to microtransactions flooding the game, which is what they want, which is why they push Bedrock so hard when it's absolute garbage)

I'm still working on the 2017 and 2019 launchers. These ones are web based so they might take a bit longer because they're not just basic Windows controls

  1. Extract the files to any location you like, making sure they stay in the same folder
  2. Run 'Minecraft Launcher.exe'
  3. Click Options, then click Version Manager
  4. Check and download the versions of Minecraft that you want to play
    Default versions I recommend are:
    • 2010: a1.2.6
    • 2011 01: b1.3_01
    • 2011 02: b1.7.3
    • 2013 01: 1.6.1
    • 2013 02: 1.7.10
  5. Once downloaded, close the Version Manager and click on Default Versions
  6. For each launcher style, set the version you'd like it to launch
  7. Choose your favourite launcher style and enjoy the nostalgia!
This launcher doesn't use valid Mojang login tokens, so public multiplayer servers may not accept connections from this launcher

Technical Notes
Windows 7 does not support TLS 1.2 by default so if the program doesn't open with error
"CLR20r3: The requested security protocol is not supported",
download Microsoft Update KB3154518 from the Web Archive here: KB3154518 (x86 / x64)
In their infinite wisdom, the geniuses at Microsoft decided to delete this update,
but it's still downloadable thanks to Archive.org

Versions prior to 1.6 make requests to sections of Mojang's website that are no longer active, so sounds do not work prior to a1.1.2_01 even with resources folder (and may not work correctly until 1.6):

This can be fixed by setting up Apache on your PC to serve the resource lists and files by faking minecraft.net and s3.amazonaws.com

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