Minecraft Launcher (Test)
Launch Minecraft without using the official Mojang Launcher
Minecraft Launcher (Test) v0.5
Size: 0 bytes
Released: 01 April 2022
Updated: 06 July 2023
Microsoft Windows 7 or later
Microsoft .NET 3.5 framework or later
KB3154518 (x86 / x64) for Windows 7

This is a test version (purely to test functionality), with the future aim of giving you the option of looking similar to the original 2011-2013 launchers so that you can play on your favourite Windows Vista or Windows 7 machine and enjoy all the nostalgia

nother aim for the future is for all game resources to be retained offline (there are about 25 GB of resources in total thanks to all the Minecraft JAR's), in order to preserve Minecraft Java Edition when Microsoft finally decide that Java is 'no longer worth maintaining' because so few players play it, so support is dropped and Bedrock is the only way to play (meaning people have to give them money for an Xbox or Windows PC, which is what they want, which is why they push Bedrock so hard when it's absolute garbage)

Extract the files to any location you like (making sure they stay in the same folder), then run 'Minecraft Launcher Test.exe'

Click Fetch next to the version manifest URL at the top to fetch a list of all available versions from Mojang

Choose a directory to download to and run the game from, enter a username (may not work on all versions), then click Launch

The Fetch button will download required game files without actually launching the game in Java

This launcher doesn't use valid Mojang login tokens, so public multiplayer servers might not accept connections from this launcher

Technical Notes
2023-07-06 12:11pm Fixed issue with binary libraries not extracting.

2023-05-05 9:34pm Fixed issue with server giving 402 when using HTTP.

Versions prior to 1.6 make requests to sections of Mojang's website that are no longer active, so sounds do not work prior to a1.1.2_01 even with resources folder (and may not work correctly until 1.6):

This can be fixed by setting up Apache on your PC to serve the resource lists and files by faking minecraft.net and s3.amazonaws.com

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