Minecraft Version Notifier
Get notified within the first 10 minutes of a new release or snapshot of Minecraft
Minecraft Version Notifier v1.0.1
Size: 585 KB
Released: 05 April 2022
Updated: 23 September 2023
Microsoft Windows 7 or later
Microsoft .NET 3.5 framework or later
KB3154518 (x86 / x64) for Windows 7

Displays a creeper head icon in your task tray (near the clock) which checks the Minecraft version manifest every 10 minutes for any new versions. If a new version is detected, a popup will appear on your Desktop.

Extract files where you would like to keep them (.dll file must be with .exe)

Place a shortcut to the executable in your Startup folder to be notified of new versions when logging in

Technical Notes
2023-09-23 3:45pm Fixed issue with server giving 402 when using HTTP.

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