A tool to run PSExec in batch scenarios such as pushing setups across a network
PSBatch v1.0 (Alpha #5)
Size: 51 KB
Released: 16 January 2020
Microsoft Windows XP or later
Microsoft .NET 3.5 framework

Use PSBatch to run instances of PSExec on multiple hosts

Useful for running setups on multiple PC's, and maybe even viruses across a network

Responses can be returned where available showing console output of the remote task


Download PSExec from Microsoft and copy to C:\Windows

Click Add Hosts (green plus symbol) and enter the hostnames of the computers to run the remote command on.

Set the Execution Options (script symbol) and click Execute (lightning symbol) to begin running the process on each remote host.

Concurrent execution is planned for a future version (this is an alpha version but I figured I'd release it, as it works as is).

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